Sunday, 24 June 2012

Malaysia, along Malay Peninsula

The ship left Singapore at 5pm and is set to travel north-west along the Malay Peninsula. According to the itinerary, we will reach Redang Island, which is located in the state of Kuala Trengganu at 11am, the following morning.

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So, while on the ship, I have dedicated myself in appreciating the white, fluffy clouds..

...and the beautiful sunset along the Malay Peninsula.

It was really windy on the deck as we tried to get to the ship's railing. We could have been easily swept off balance if we do not make our way carefully.

We spent quite a long time just watching the stunning sunset and the frothy sea water made by the ship. After that, we seek for other fun activities we can find on the ship. There's nothing much to do seriously other than gaming at the ship's arcade or reading my storybooks at the cabin.

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