Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thailand, Krabi

I'm back from Krabi. It seemed like yesterday since I set foot at Krabi International Airport, all geared up for some fun and adventure. Why did time seem to fly so fast when you are having a great time? I'm already missing the place and wish to be transported back to day one of my holiday trip.

The picture below shows the Walking Street in Aonang. There are many shops along the entire stretch of road, especially food stalls, tour agencies and massage places.

Spotted a Hello Kitty taxi parked under the shade. Really cute and here when we thought the driver must be a woman, it turned out to be a guy! Cool...

The natural wallpaper in Aonang is its cliffs. I felt so rejuvenated just by walking on the street. No stifling, humid air and crowded spaces. No traffic, no concrete jungle, and most importantly, no deadlines to commit to.

The Aonang Beach is just down the road. We spent some time walking along the beach during most of our evening there.

There's this fabulous eatery called Mayai stall by the roadside. We ate there on our first day as it seemed to be very popular with the locals, so we decided to give the place a try.

We ordered simmering, hot, shrimp tom yam soup and one appetising plate of chicken soy bean noodles. Both taste heavenly, especially with a hungry stomach. The plate and bowl were emptied shortly after they were being served.

I find that getting halal food in Krabi is not a problem because half of the population is Muslim. Most Muslims settle by the sea, adopting agriculture and fishery for their livelihood. Several mosques are seen in Krabi while we were on the road and these mosques are the centre of activities for the Muslims here

The other half are Buddhists who are mostly farmers working in rubber and oil-palm plantation. Within this group, the Chinese seem to dominate the resort and sales industry. Another special group which need to be mentioned is the Mokens. They are the sea gypsies who lived in the small islands near Krabi.   

At night, there were locals and tourists who paid 100 baht to light up a 'khom loi'. The 'khom loi' were let to float into the air and carried up to the sky by the cool breeze. It's an amazing sight.

These were some beautiful lanterns hanging in one of the streets. And because I'm a sucker for those lanterns, I'm not sure how many shots I've taken to get a good photo. This is the best among the lot.  

Stay tuned to the next part of my Krabi adventure.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Singapore: Here & There

I've not done any traveling lately. Very bored at the moment but I'm planning for my next vacation so that I can enjoy myself as much as possible, especially when I know I've covered most of the interesting places in the trip. To put it simply, I'm just looking forward for the great vacation because work is draining me right now. So, holidays... here I come.

In the mean time, I'm just snapping pictures on whatever fancies me...

Like food.. Tell me who doesn't fancy food.

My Super Spicy Ramen at Ramen Ten.

To be taken with some Agedashi Tofu. Slurp your way...
Sometimes, you just need to take pleasure in the simple things in life to be happy and to recharge your energy level.

Flowers in a vase at Royal Scotts Hotel

Ceiling high, colourful rows of Jelly Beans

The No-Signposts at Universal Studio Singapore

Glowing purple lights at the Helix Bridge

Cute cat looking out from the stairway