Saturday, 8 December 2012

Singapore: Here & There

I've not done any traveling lately. Very bored at the moment but I'm planning for my next vacation so that I can enjoy myself as much as possible, especially when I know I've covered most of the interesting places in the trip. To put it simply, I'm just looking forward for the great vacation because work is draining me right now. So, holidays... here I come.

In the mean time, I'm just snapping pictures on whatever fancies me...

Like food.. Tell me who doesn't fancy food.

My Super Spicy Ramen at Ramen Ten.

To be taken with some Agedashi Tofu. Slurp your way...
Sometimes, you just need to take pleasure in the simple things in life to be happy and to recharge your energy level.

Flowers in a vase at Royal Scotts Hotel

Ceiling high, colourful rows of Jelly Beans

The No-Signposts at Universal Studio Singapore

Glowing purple lights at the Helix Bridge

Cute cat looking out from the stairway

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