Saturday, 6 April 2013

Thailand. Krabi Island Hopping

One can never run out of activities while in Krabi. There's just so many interesting things to choose from

We went to quite a number of islands around Krabi on our 2nd day.

Our mode of transport was this small boat, which sped across the sea like a charm.

Our first destination was Bamboo Island. The island is the most beautiful beach I've ever been to. The sandy beach was white and powdery. The water was crystal clear. Even the rocks on the island looked very pleasing to my eyes.

Basically, the whole landscape provided a good opportunity for cameras to start clicking. We were definitely more interested in capturing images than going swimming in the sea like most people in the tour group did.

There were several more islands which we went to but I couldn't remember the names. On our way to Maya Bay (the island made famous in the movie 'The Beach'), we stopped for a while at Viking Cave. This cave is where bird nests are being harvested. We can't enter the place because it was high tide at that time and I think it was out of bounds too. For me, it's better to look from far to preserve the cave as tourists' footsteps can damage the bird nests.

According to the tour guide, there are dwellers living in the cave and their livelihood is to harvest and protect the bird nests from being stolen. Every now and then, the dwellers will go to the mainland to stock up their food supplies and other necessities. 

The highlight of Maya Bay is its entrance. The place was really picturesque and breathtaking. If not for the sheer number of tourists, the bay would have been a calm and serene place on Earth, with the 2 cliffs acting as its fortress and guarding its secrets.

Snorkelling was fun at the bay, but it was rather short.

The last island we went to is Koh Phi Phi. It was ok. I guess because I've been to so many islands on that day, I was not able to appreciate Phi Phi as much as other people did.

This is the island hospital, but it looks more like a clinic to me.

Overall, our day had been a fulfilling one. 

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