Thursday, 18 December 2014

Indonesia, Bali (All over)

If people tell you that 5 days is enough to explore Bali, they are lying through their teeth. I find 5 days too shorrrrrttt. Urghh.... I didn't even get to explore Ubud...

Uhuks...uhuks... (tears rolling down) uhukss...

Ok. Hahha. I better stop this melodrama. Here are some images that remind me of Bali. 

1. The Rice Fields

The rice fields in Bali are vast, and may stretch miles and miles in front of you. The greenery view is really scenic and it has the effect of clearing your mind. It's perfectly relaxing here.

The rice farmers here also grow vegetables and fruits in their own garden when they are not in the rice fields. Food in Bali is fresh as I have not seen the locals eat or sell processed, microwaved or canned food in the places we had our meals.

2. Kintamani

And this is Mount Batur and Lake Batur. When we went to Kintamani for the first time, the thick fog had obstructed our view of the volcano. So, we went to Kintamani again on our fourth day. Yeay!! This time, we could see both the mountain and the lake. 

We could also see the Trunyan village from our spot. Trunyan is one of the most traditional village in Bali and it is well known for its peculiar practice. Its villagers will just lay their deads on the ground without burying them!

3. The Canang Sari

Canang Sari are the daily offerings made by the Balinese to the God and we could find this in Bali temples. There's a smaller version of the Canang Sari and they were usually placed on the ground in front of the shops. 

4. The Coffee Beans 

At the garden of Bali Pulina, we get to sample different types of coffee and tea for free. Only the Luwak coffee was charged. Jas ordered the Luwak coffee, so I sampled it too. Nice? Well, I usually don't drink coffee, so I'm not the best judge. But I'd rather buy the ginger tea than the Luwak coffee. 

5. The Cultural Centre

Ubud is the best place to see Balinese art. We went to the painting, woodcarving and Batik workshops on our third day. In the Batik workshop, I captured a picture of the hot, liquid wax, in a heated pan used by a craftswoman. With the wax, she was able to create Batik patterns on a piece of large cloth. It's a really tedious job I must say. It requires a lot of patience and focus - the two things which I think I don't have in me. 

Well, there were also other art forms that we didn't visit such as stone carvings and the gold and silver artwork. We gave these places a miss because we wanted to go to the beaches.

6. Pandewa Beach

This is the Pandewa Beach, a secret beach known by the locals. The beach was nice and quiet. One thing I observed about Bali is that the waves here were pretty high and rough. I think only a strong swimmer can swim in the sea here, and it's definitely not me. Great for surfing I guess and other sea sports.

7. Jimbaran Bay

Going to the beach and not eating the seafood is a rare occurence in Bali. Blogging about the seafood there automatically makes my saliva drools.

If only I knew how good the seafood was, I would have stayed in Jimbaran area instead. It was that good. When something is fresh, you can just feel the sweetness oozes in your mouth. And you don't need any accompanied sauce because the taste is already fantastic.

The charcoal makes our fish taste even nicer. The fish was served with rice, fried kangkung (vegetables), garlic prawns, and fried calamari.

The fried calamari is probably the one and only food that I missed the most in Bali. It was crunchy and tasty. 

8. Spa and Massage

Finally, the massage and spa in Bali is a total luxury. You will be pampered like a royalty. Well, I made a mistake of having a massage on my last day because it means that I only have a taste of pure bliss once.

So seriously, who says 5 days in Bali is enough? I am already thinking of planning another trip to Bali in the near future. Hmm.. there are some parts of Bali which I have not explored.

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