Sunday, 1 March 2015

Singapore, The Japanese Garden

This is the first day in the month of March! Arghh... I feel like everything is zipping and flashing past me from all directions. They move like lightning speed and just like a scene in a drama, I'm transfixed to the ground, unable to do anything. It's a little like having a bullet darting across and all I can do is to stare at the projectile of the bullet, and pray hard that it wouldn't hit me. It's a really scary thought I have here.

Anyway, I went to the Japanese Garden the other day to take a break. And also to cast aside that uncomfortable feeling I have. 

It was peaceful here. The large trees formed adequate shade from the sun and the reservoir looked very calm. When I reached here in the morning, there were quite a number of joggers. I found two people doing meditation on a bench, which was an interesting sight to me.  

A number of flora and fauna could also be found in this park.

This is a sunny yellow flower in the midst of giant leaves. It caught my eyes even though it was somewhat hidden. 

I find this flower kind of depicting my life. I know I'm being sentimental here, but this flower is a survivor. It was the only flower I saw from this plant.

Flowers are really beautiful and I love taking photos of them. I believe that flowers have the power to uplift our spirits and make our day. 

Here's a wild mushroom. Not sure whether it is edible or not, but anyway just leave it alone. It is another survivor.

All these photos were taken using my old camera. I want to invest in a new camera but I saw the price tag. It's so expensive!! The photos taken with my camera phone from samsung notebook is not as good as camera photos. Well, I guess my old camera is still better. No wonder avid photographers invest in good cameras.

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