Sunday, 21 June 2015

Australia, Melbourne

I just came back from Australia two days ago! Absolutely love my trip there and I wish I could have spent longer. There are many attractions in the state of Victoria and Melbourne is where I came back to after my short trips outside the city. 

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It's winter season in Victoria and so the air is so cool. It's suitable for travelling around without being all sweaty and worrying about whether you stink or not. I love winter in Australia even though it could be quite chilly at times. But that's ok! 

I chose to fly with Qantas to Australia but somehow I ended up in Emirates when I came back to Singapore. It's a pleasant experience flying in both airlines. There were quite a number of comparisons in my head among the airlines I have flown in but there's not much plus and minus.

On second thought, being in the customer service is so tough because the customer always rules. That's why I respect the patience and care that people who work in the customer service line possess. Anyway, I've gained a lot of knowledge from this trip alone and I'm so thankful towards the people I've met. All my encounters were great and I find the Melburnians very friendly and helpful. It's so contrary to all the news reports on racism and anti-islam. Well, you may say that I tend to see the world through rose-coloured glasses, which may be entirely true. 

The bottom line is Melbourne is a melting pot of different culture and race. It's so unique, yet very complicated than Singapore. Because of Melbourne's diversity, I don't feel conspicuous or unsafe walking along the streets at all. The city does live up to its name as the most livable city in the world. 

My first few footprints in Melbourne with Jas was before daybreak. It was 5.30 in the morning and we were taking the skybus from the Tullamarine Airport to the Southern Cross Station. Later, we hopped onto the Skybus hotel transfer, which was such a great convenience. 

I managed to get an early check-in to our apartment, with the help of the hotel receptionist. I slept for about an hour before I decided to start my day.

We stayed near the Federation Square and our balcony had such an amazing view of the Yarra River and the train tracks at Flinders Street Station. I had definitely a great start to my Melbourne trip and I felt so blessed for being alive and kicking.

Do stay tune to my next post on Melbourne City!!

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