Monday, 2 June 2014

Singapore, Blogging Again

I had not been blogging conscientiously for quite some time. Not because I had stopped travelling, it's because I kept on pushing to a later date and then the days eventually became months.

But, I'm back and I really need some time to recall my last year's December trip. It was the trip of the year for me because it was my first time in Europe. Gosh, just typing this out made me excited again.

I planned this trip with Jas, my travel companion. We didn't visit the entire Europe though as we wanted to learn more about a particular country and immerse ourselves in its culture. Italy fascinated us in a great way and 13 days is simply too short to cover from the top to the tip of Italy.

I have to stop here as I needed to get to work. Next post will be about our starting point in Italy, Milan.

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