Monday, 16 June 2014

Italy, Milan's Historic Buildings

The beauty of walking in Milan is one gets to discover many interesting streets that are not in the tourist guidebook. We wanted to walk like a Milanese so we also signed up for a free walking tour, and it was amazing as we met many like-minded travellers from different countries. The best part is that we can opt out of the tour anytime and give the tour guide any amount of money as a token of our appreciation.

We didn't opt out though as the tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly.

Walking along a small beautiful street in Milan, we reached the home of Alessandro Manzoni, a great Italian poet and author.

His casa (home) was a true gem in Italy. I couldn't help but marvel at the intricate details of its door; it was such a beauty.

Crossing the streets of Milan.

We came across yet another beautiful home, Casa degli Omenoni. 

There were a total of 8 telemons that embellished the building of this house. Telemon is the Italian word for a support sculpted in the form of a man, which may take place in the form of a column. The use of telemons was popular in classical European architecture.  

Seriously, my photography skills did not do any justice to these amazing columns.

Photo credit to:

I couldn't capture a great photo such as this. 

Casa degli Omenoni also means the house of big men. It was the home of Leone Leoni, a Renaissance artist who struggled to gain both professional recognition and social acceptance in the 1560s.

Wahh... I was seriously in awe when I saw all these telemons. Although they were unforgettable, wouldn't it be scary to come home at night and see these sculptures come alive?

Another medieval part of Milan is Piazza Mercanti. 100 centuries ago, it was the centre of activity for the Milanese. This was where the marketplace, city hall, law court and prison were situated. You can imagine how bustling this place used to be as weddings were also announced here. 

Piazza Mercanti was only a stone throw away from Duomo. It was in fact quite easy to explore Milan as the places were close to one another.

Up next will be my blog on the Duomo and Milan's posh shopping areas.

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