Sunday, 20 July 2014

Italy, Tirano

We set off to Tirano, a small town in Northern Italy on our fourth day. This town has only about 9,100 inhabitants and it's adjacent to the Switzerland-Italy border.

Travelling via the Trenitalia Train, we were p
retty excited because it was an opportunity to get away from the city and explore the countryside. But most importantly, I'm all out for some tranquility and quietness, with picturesque view of incredible nature. Also, with the unpolluted environment around me, I felt like I could breathe easily here.

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The temperature was much colder in Tirano, which was perhaps why most people tend to stay indoor. But the town was really neat and the people were friendly.

Walking down the streets, I love how homely the homes in Tirano looked like. The people living here were truly blessed because they could wake up everyday to see a splendid view of the mountains. 

We took our time walking without any itinerary in mind. Most of the shops were closed because I think it must be lunch time. We then stopped by in one of the restaurants for a meal.

Tea from St Moritz, Switzerland. I like how tea was presented here.

To me, the safest menu that could never go wrong is fish and chips. Unfortunately, the fish was kind of dry and salty. The plate of funghi penne with generous serving of cheese, however, turned out to be the best pasta we had ever tasted. Yummy.

We chose an accommodation that face the Adda River. Really glad that we chose to stop by in Tirano although there was nothing much to do. But I did feel very relaxed here.

I noticed that the town had a closely-knit community. When we were in a cafe for some hot milk, people coming into the cafe greeted one another warmly, followed by a few updates on how they were doing. Even though those were spoken in Italian, I sort of know the friendly gestures people had for each other. It was liberating to see this.

The attraction in Tirano is the Madonna di Tirano. We wanted to go in to take a look at this medieval building but there was a ceremony going on and we didn't want to intrude. It looked like a wedding but I'm not that sure.

Coming up next is our destination to St Moritz. This time, we are going up the mountains.

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