Friday, 8 August 2014

The Bernina Express

We thought of spending a day or two in Switzerland but finding cheap lodgings was difficult. Eventually, we made plans to visit St Moritz during the day and then return to Tirano in the evening. Taking the UNESCO World Heritage route via Bernina Express, we were glad that our exploration includes a rail adventure up the mountains.

The train climbed from 429 m to 1775 m, which is the highest adhesion railway in the Alps and one of the steepest adhesion railway in the world.

I was excited back then because this was my first time seeing snow-capped mountains with my own eyes. Not only the mountains, I also get to see wild gorges, icy glaciers, soaring bridges and loop tunnels throughout the entire journey. 

And the view from the window...

Spectacular and speechless!!

I have never seen natural snow in my life because it's a tropical climate all year round in Singapore so I took quite a number of snowy landscapes. I wanted to capture them in my memory and because of this, both of us cannot sit still while on the train. We were truly glad that we were the only passengers in that carriage.

Here's a picture of the snow melting under the morning sun.

We passed by many small towns on the Alps. Somehow, this town perks my interests because it reminds me of something. Something which I usually see in Christmas movies.

Seriously, I thought it looked like a town where you would want to celebrate Christmas. Well, in reality, Christmas was really two weeks away so it was no wonder why I thought of Christmas.

Finally, we reached St Moritz. The whole journey took us about 2.5 hours. My next post will be on St Moritz.

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