Saturday, 9 August 2014

Switzerland, St Moritz

We reached St Moritz around noon and we only had four hours to spare before we had to hop back on the last train. In that short time frame, the most rewarding activity in St Moritz is to take a stroll along its beautiful lake.

Like a painting, the scenery was a stunning blend of snow, lake, forest and mountain. Look at that yellow building that sat perched atop a small hill, I wish I could rent a room there some day to enjoy the view from its window.

Most parts of the lake was frozen but the water was very clear. We wanted to visit the Berry Museum nearby, but it was closed. It's such a pity because there were a lot of good reviews about the museum.

These were some photos of the houses I took along the streets. I thought the architecture was nice and there was a nice garage on the ground level. Looking at this photo again, I am somewhat envious of its owner for owning such a handsome house.

This was another house I took before we bought some souvenirs. By then, we were quite hungry so we parked ourselves for lunch in a restaurant. We opted for vegetarian and wondered whether the food here was any different from Italian.

Jas was feeling adventurous so she ordered the spinach gnocchi while I still wanted to have something familiar. I ordered the grilled aubergines sandwich instead. Well, the spinach gnocchi came and it looked like it was totally gooey and soaked in rich cream. It must be an amazing course to others but I'm glad I chose to stick to my grilled aubergines sandwich, with extra cheese and tomatoes. Yum Yum.

We snapped several photos in front of the exclusive Badrutt's Palace Hotel, before deciding to walk to the lake again to admire the natural surrounding.

See this banner? It's the banner for the Alpine Ski World Cup! We
 didn't know that the World Cup is held here. This was really a day of discovery for me, a day where my senses were overloaded with beautiful sights, feel, smell, taste and sound.

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