Sunday, 4 October 2015

Australia, Sovereign Hill (On My Own)

This was what I did when I was left to my own devices. Yippee.. I got myself surrounded with flowers. Away from the crowd, and as close as possible to nature. When I was in the "unexplored" places, I felt like the whole world belong to me. It's so rejuvenating. 

Just as I was squatting next to a new patch of flowers with my camera, the wind carried the words spoken by one of the staffs. I was actually amazed because they were situated quite far. I was referred to as 'the girl with the flowers'. Seriously, I hope I don't look like a flower maniac at that time. But then again, even if I did, I have no regrets because my photos turn out to be quite good.

More flowers to come...

There were quite a lot of purple flowers at Sovereign Hill. I'm not sure why. Perhaps, the gardeners love this colour?

The flowers were absolutely fabulous. I do love Sovereign Hill. Although it is man-made, it offers quite a lot of nature and I am a great fan of the many gardens that could be found there.

These are my two favourite photos because I spent a great deal of my time in here.

As you can see, there's no human being in sight. It was so peaceful and tranquil. Voices, especially incessant talking, loud wailing or crazy shouting were absent. Human activities that always drive me crazy were null too, like the banging of doors, the loud music from someone else audio players or the shrill honking of impatient drivers. 

In that moment, it is so enjoyable just listening to the sing-song chirping of this bird, along with the occasional rustling of some leaves and branches. A very rare moment for me and it's something that I will cherish. Well, I hope you enjoy this post as much as I recall my memories at Sovereign Hill. 

Got to go for now. Ciao.

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