Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Indonesia, Bali (Jimbaran)

This is my second time in Bali. I just can't get out of my mind the many unexplored places which I have missed the other time. Also, I have yet to experience the Indonesian culinary, which I didn't really indulge previously. So here I am in this island again; this time with my parents.

This is my meal on-board SQ. I have opted for a vegetarian, lacto-ovo meal and I didn't know that veg meal is so-so much more appetizing than any other meals. Swiftly, I made up my mind in between bites that I'm going to go for vegetarian the next time I'm flying.

The villa where I stayed in Jimbaran was worth the money spent. I must admit that I have splurged big time in this trip, opting for something different for my accommodation. This is my holiday treat to my parents for all the things they have done for me. 

Actually, it's quite hard to plan the itinerary when I travel with my parents. Both are into shopping and it is kind of like a pain in the butt, but it's worth it I guess when I think of the quality time I got to spend with them. Family times are becoming rarer these days, especially when everyone is so busy with their own things. 

And the villa comes with a private swimming pool. Yahoo.... Until now, I can remember a lot of good memories spent with my parents at the pool. 

On the first day, I spent most of my evening on the beach, watching the locals tending their boats. One good thing about the villa is its location. It's smacked right in the middle of the fishermen village and so we find ourselves with the Balinese as our neighbours. The Balinese are really nice people. 

Every evening, children will get together to play soccer. The youngsters will sit outside their house and discuss about whatever interest them. Some of the elderly males will also be at the veranda, enjoying the cool air. 

An elderly grandma actually approached us on our fourth day. We chatted and she invited us to her home. For me, living among the Balinese was a great experience, even though our stay was really brief.

This man makes a living by selling corns, roasted on charcoal. We bought some and the corns were really sweet to munch on. I've not had corns that tasted this good. Each corn costs about 10,000 rupiah; its price is slightly a bit more for the foreigner, but if you think through, the meager profit he is earning will be used to feed his family. 

We had dinner at Lia Cafe after that. It was packed at the cafe and I realised that most diners had made their bookings earlier on as there were quite a number of reservations on the table.

Lia Cafe is certainly famous in this area since there are so many good reviews about them online.

While admiring the sunset, we waited for our food to be served. It took them quite a long time. From being really hungry, I ended up being moderately hungry. I think the waiting time is one of the shortcomings of the cafe, as my anticipation level dipped with each passing moments.

Finally, our food arrived. We have ordered the set meal consisting of crabs, prawns, fish and squids. It was a satisfying meal overall and the price was reasonable.

A day past just like that and I'm looking forward to enjoy my time here. Will be posting more of my travels in Bali. Stay tuned.

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