Sunday, 28 February 2016

Indonesia, Bali (Good Food)

I have some friends who told me that the food in Bali was not to their liking because they tasted bland. And then there was another group who said that it was difficult to find Muslim food so they had to end up eating bread. 

Well if you had the same experiences as my friends, I've really no idea where you had dined, because I found quite a lot of yummy Muslim eateries. And if you have the inclination to opt for extremely spicy food like my father, it's not a problem at all. In fact, some of the food in Bali would definitely make you breathe fire all the way up to the rooftop! 

So for a start, I'll recommend some of the places which I've been to.

This was my lunch in Warung Nikmat, at Kuta. It was the most enjoyable lunch I had in Bali because the food here was simply the best. I had urap (steamed vegetables with grated coconut dressing), grilled chicken, begedil (fried potato patty), and steamed rice. You really shouldn't miss this place! 

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Most of the patrons here were locals and the foodstall looked very unsophisticated from the exterior, but it does not mean that it did not serve good food. The stall was also clean, which makes eating here very comfortable. In fact, there were many other stalls that maintained a high level of cleanliness and so, to tell you the truth, I preferred eating at 'warung' (small eating house) like this to fancy restaurants while I was in Bali. 

Another 'warung' in Kuta, which I would recommend is Nasi Pecel Bu Tinuk. Its mixed vegetable with peanut sauce dressing was really fantastic. I remembered the first time I was here.

Behind the glass display, I pointed at the cabbage, cassava leaves, papaya leaves, and bean sprouts for my 'pecel'. Then, the stall lady served my 'pecel' with the peanut sauce. Next, I pointed at the chicken and fish satay so that I had some meat to go with my steamed rice. 

Honestly, I didn't know most of the dishes there. I just went with my instincts and pointed at the foodstuffs that I wanted to eat. And my food turned out great. Sometimes, you just need to be more adventurous than usual. And learn from experiences.

The third eatery that I went to is Kedai Ceret in Denpasar. This place is charming and unique, with kettles hanging on the ceiling and bicycles along the entrance of the stall. Let's just say the interior design was unique. Food wise, it's not as good as the other two, but it served something new which I had never tried before.

In this eatery, I chose different types of food on skewers. Then I gave those skewers to the lady to cook them. At that time, I didn't know what to expect, so I settled on one of the benches and waited for my food.

The food on skewers was sweet, because they were dipped with black ketchup before they were grilled. The food was then served with chili sauce. It was an interesting discovery but truthfully, it's not something that I would go for the second time. However, I would still recommend this place because of the fun factor in learning new dishes.

Last on my list of recommendations is Sawah Indah. Anyone going to Ubud must go to Sawah Indah! The food there was really good and I couldn't rant enough about this restaurant. This was the only restaurant that I went to and for the price I paid, it was really worth it.


If you want to try some halal bebek (duck meat), this is the restaurant to go to. Right now, I'm craving for that bebek. Wooo... woo.. How I wish Ubud is just across the causeway. The bebek was finger-licking good. Besides bebek, the grilled chicken there was also not anywhere comparable with KFC. This place is a million times better. 

I wonder how long they took to marinate the meat because I could taste the spices well. And the best part is, these meat are grilled, not fried. So I felt that I could really cut down on the calories while in Bali.

There were other nice food stalls, but these are the ones which I had patronised and taken photos. Try looking at other blogs to find out more about the culinary in Bali because there are loads of them so do not worry.

That's all from me for today. Ciao.

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