Sunday, 18 September 2016

Malaysia, Penang (George Town)

Yay!!! It has been a long time since I last update, but I'm back with more adventures.

I went to Penang last June for a short trip. There were quite a number of places that I really wanted to go to but there was just not enough time. Even then, I did enjoy my trip tremendously and this is one trip which I want to do all over again.

This was my mode of transport in Penang: the Hop on hop off bus. There are two routes available - the City tour and the Beach tour. I took both routes during my short stay.

Overall, I find the bus comfortable and I could choose to sit in the air-conditioned area or the open-top area. Plus, the bus goes to all the attractions in Penang so it is really convenient.

I alighted at George Town to visit Penang's cultural and heritage area. Lines of beautiful shop-houses greeted me and I love how the buildings were carefully restored and maintained. Most of the shop-houses were occupied by restaurants and souvenir shops. 

There were many tourists in Georgetown as it was the weekend. 

Featured in the photo above is a town-bike, a four-seater bicycle in striking shades of red and yellow. Families can rent these town-bikes to explore George Town or they can ride a bicycle or rickshaw. It was pretty interesting but in the end, I decided to take a walk at my own leisurely pace.


The Lebuh Aceh Mosque in the background is a 19th century mosque built by the Acehnese when they settled down in Penang. The mosque is historically significant as it used to serve as a place where pilgrims going to Haj congregate before they depart to Mecca by sea. 

I went for mural hunting in George Town. It was fun and I really walk a lot that day. These are some of the murals which are not that popular with tourists.

The murals make the place very interesting. At noon, the heat became quite unbearable so I decided to explore areas that have more shade. 

My next post will be on the Clan Jetty Heritage Home. Until then, stay tune!!

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